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Custom made Exhaust Silencer Engineering turns theory into practice. With a strong expertis both in acoustics and physics .AXCES specializes in custom engineering, specifically in the ...
Exhaust gas silencers In order to analyze and test the optimum acoustical results of our silencers we expand our test cell facility. During the last years we tested several configurations ...
3. What we do
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... design requirements, calculations, construction, production, delivery and erection of stacks and acoustical silencers. Over the last decade more than 10.0000 exhaust silencers and related steel ...
4. Value bases
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Value bases Provide an overview and insight of all topics and disciplines around the exhaust gas system.   Disciplines in the field of acoustics, emissions and physics have to be transparent, ...
5. Exhaust Silencers
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...  The noise is absorbed by specific acoustical fibre inside the silencer. The Absorption Type silencer is most effective in the middle and high frequency range.   Reflection Type  ...
6. Engineering
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Engineering turns theory into practice. With a strong expertise both in acoustics and physics, AXCES specializes in custom engineering, specifically in the fields of shipping, engine power, energy systems ...
7. Design
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AXCES is guaranteed to meet any noise requirement with tailor-made silencer solutions. In every design AXCES focuses on: minimizing back pressure solutions  reducing dominant ignition frequencies  ...
8. Locations
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Main office in the Netherlands Acoustic design Technical design Sales department   Ondernemersweg 12 4691SL Tholen The Netherlands     ...
9. Acoustical Excellence
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... is our key.    In an unique way AXCES provides ‘value for customers’ in total exhaust system supply solutions, with Acoustic and Physics as elementary fields. These ...
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