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Acoustic and Emission technologies

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What we do

Axces Production Sp. z o. o. deals with production of industrial silencers, marine silencers, spark arresters, pipings, chimneys, steel constructions and processing. 



Contact Production devision

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Production & Operations - Managing Quality

Achieving high quality is a conitinue process in our organisation, therefors our production process is properly managed in order to achieve quality standards. Our quality management is concerned with controlling activities with the aim of ensuring that products and services are fit for their purpose and meet the specifications.

Quality control

It includes the process of inspecting products to ensure that they meet the required quality standards method checks the quality of completed products.

The main objective of quality control is to ensure that the business is achieving the standards it sets for itself.




We have the following machines at Your disposal:

  • Workshop house:
    • Dimensions 100m x 15m x 6m 
    • Entrance's width 8m
  • Hydraulic cutting machine: BAYKAL HNC 3100x10
  • Plasma cutting machine: AJAN SHP 130 with table 2x6m
  • Rolling machine: AKYAPAK ASM-S 3 Rolls Asymetrical Plate Roll Machine
  • Gas-plasma burning machine (CNC table dimensions 2 x 6 m)
  • Roller sheet metal machines 
  • Welding machines (Mig-Mag with double puls, Tig) 
  • Band saw 
  • Electric power tools, 
  • Shot blasting room
  • Special-purpose equipment 
  • Lifting trucks 
  • Transport, etc.


:: > Production Facility