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CE marking EN 13084-7

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Certification EN 13084-7 & CE marking.

Official by notified body approved EN 13084-7 is the guaranty that your chimney is designed and fabricated with respect to the EN rules and codes.

For free standing chimneys as well as chimneys attached to a building erected in the EU countries  CE marking is mandatory as of the year 2005.

The official name is: 

Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC as amended by 93/68/EEC on EN 13084-7:2005/ AC 2009.


Above means Axces Industrial stacks is certified by Loyds to give CE marking on each chimney and also on each chimney / silencer combination.

In this chimney / silencer combination is Axces industrial Stacks the only company in Europe which is allowed to give CE marking on the complete system.

The EN 13084-7 is the guideline for design and construction for chimneys which ensures that the design is correct on:

  • Design, static dynamic calculations for each specific country.
  • Use of materials, carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Range of temperatures.
  • Corrosion allowances in relation to lifetimes.
  • Production method, Welding and QA issues.
  • Bolting and thermical insulation.
  • Manufacturing Data Book which contents all welding and material certificates.

Chimneys for higher temperatures > 450°C or very aggressive flue gasses are mostly designed as free standing outer shells with inside liner.

The outershell of these types chimneys also requires EN 13084-7 certification.

CE CertificationOur certificate is indicated in chapter certificates.


Each chimney receives a product designation which indicates data especially for this chimney.

EN 13084-7-T 150-H0-W- L20- 1.4301-O

Explanation of product designation
CE Certification Expanation

This indication will be on the nameplate of the chimney so everybody can see the purpose and technical function of the chimney.
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