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Order for new ENECO / LEKHABO project

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Order for new ENECO / LEKHABO project

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 13:20
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Power supplier ENECO ordered for a new Heatstation. Timmer Architecten designed the building and Lekhabo won the contract for the technical installation.

We are very proud we are awarded with the order for 4 chimney's for the new Heat station in Delft (The Netherlands), location Harnaschpolder. The project consists of 3 boiler chimneys and 1 engine exhaust chimney, the connecting ducting and transition pieces for connecting the boilers and engine.

The chimneys are of the free standing type, only connected to the concrete floor. The height is 12m, the chimneys are fully made of stainless steel type AISI 304L.

Design, calculations and delivery is done by the experienced designers of Axces Industrial Stacks. Specific challenge in this project is the existing concrete floor, we have to use special dynamic Hilti anchors to connect the chimney to the floor, while there was no pre-casted anchor basket.


The anchors are pre-drilled in the floor before the mounting of the chimney, even with a lot of rebars in the concrete we managed to drill the anchors in the circular pattern to fit the bottom chimney flange.

In this specific project the clients wishes are fully taken into account in the design. The wish of the client to have 4 exactly equal chimneys, although the technical specifications are not equal, we fulfilled completely. Nice detail is the fact that the insulation plates are exactly on same height so even the horizontal insulation seems are equal!!

The chimneys are produced in our own production shop according specs, welding is under strict specifications and carried out by our best welders. All full penetrant welding according to WPQR and regulations stated in NEN EN 13084-7. The chimney design is done with our software according to Eurocode 1 & 3, the calculation indicated that the chimneys will have fatigue problems, so we added Tuned Mass Dampers.

The chimneys move (wiggle) in cross wind direction this phenomenon is called Vortex shedding.

These damper devices prevent the chimney to wiggle into a situation where fatigue problems can occur. Everybody knows what happens if a paperclip is bend a 100 times, this is fatigue, the materials cracks and breaks. The Tuned Mass Damper consists of a ring shaped counterweight around a chimney. The ring moves over minimal three bearings, the bearings are captured in small pipe shells . The effect of this weight moving over 3 bearings is an increased damping of the vibration.


The 4 chimneys are already erected, erection is performed by LekHabo under supervision of Axces Industrial Stacks. Reinforcement rings and strips are covering the loss of strength at the inlet, flanges are inside and outside welded, to prevent corrosion. We designed and supplied the chimneys within time schedule although changes were made in the design after the production has started. The chimneys are fully pickled and passivated to avoid corrosion problems because at low temperature below dew point the flue gasses are aggressive for the material. But with full pickling and passivating the chimneys can perform for many decades without any corrosion problems.


Just In Time for erection we transported the chimneys to the site, erection of the 4 chimneys and Tuned Mass Dampers are performed in only 1 day. In this project Lekhabo mounted the chimney under supervision of Axces Industrial Stacks. Mounting by workers of the clients help to reduce the costs for the whole project, while most of the time clients mechanics are already at site.

Hans Neven, Projectmanager from LEKHABO said: "I am very pleased with the excellent performance of Axces Industrial Stacks"


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