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Industrial Stacks

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 09:52
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New division

AXCES started a new division focused on the design and production of custommade industrial stacks. Based on the specific requirements , a wide range of different chimneys are in our scope of supply. Starting from single or double wall freestanding to guided ones, designed for all types of flue gasses and vapours.


Design codes

The chimneys and constructions are designed according to design codes and international standards. Including EUROCODE, DIN 4133 and CICIND. Because foundations are a critical , the anchor baskets are integrated in the design.



In order to analyze whether your existing chimney is still 'healthy' a service team analysis its condition in order to conclude if their might be serious “health” problems. For each individual chimney inspection is careful analyzed and followed up by an inspection report.



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