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Flue gas systems

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A complete flue gas system designed in combination with the chimney will give the best results for thermal expansion, pressuredrop, heatloss, duration and safety.

The transport of the flue or exhaust gasses through the ducting or channels is a continuous dynamical process, in time the temperature drops and corrosion can occur.

Good knowledge of the process and duration time is necessary to design a good system. Together with the client we determine the materials and shapes of the custom made ducting or channels.

Shapes can be circular, square, rectangular elliptical of custom made parts to fit in small spaces. Pieces can connected with flanges or welded.

Materials can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. For higher temperatures or gasses with lots of acid gasses ducting can be lined with concrete or refractory.

Lots of possibilities for insulation and heat loss reductions are available.

If your equipment can not overcome the extra pressure drop, a ventilator or exhaust gas booster will help to incorporate in the design.

If you need an exhaust for a diesel or gas engine, or connecting ducting between boiler and chimney, process ducting or ventilation channels, please contact us.


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