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Design and codes

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Chimneys and constructions are designed according to design codes and standards.

Lots of country’s have their own regulation and code we know our way in the web of regulations and codes.

Examples of different design codes which can be used are:

  • National codes and standards. 
  • The Euro code. (new code for Europe). 
  • The DIN 4133 (German design code free standing chimneys). 
  • The CICIND (International Committee on Industrial chimneys).
Axces designs on above standing codes a safe design and a suitable chimney for your project.

Earthquake design.

In a lot of country’s stacks have to be calculated taken earthquake risk into consideration. If this is the case we check the stack silencer combination for the overturning moment is not to exceed the bending moment due to the wind.

We adapt the design to the outcome of the earthquake calculation if necessary.

“Chimneys do not, as a rule represent are a great hazard to life and limb as do buildings with human occupancy. On the other hand, damage to chimneys may result in shutdown of the plants or industries which are very important to the recovery of large population centers from the effects of severe earthquakes.”

In short powerplants or industries should not be shut down after an earthquake because the chimney is damaged.

We at Axces use this “rule” as a basis for our designs.
:: > Industrial Stacks > Design and codes