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Types of chimneys

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  • Single wall free standing. 
  • Single wall guided. Double wall free standing. 
  • Double wall guided. 
  • Several flues in outer shell. 
  • Several flues satellite type with bearing mast.

We design for each project a custom made chimney.

In order to design a chimney we have to have lots of technical data, and information which will be determined together with the you the client.

Design criteria can be based on:

  • The location on the globe. With it's own wind carateristics.
  • Architectural or clients personal wishes on the visual aspect. 
  • The process (es) which create the exhaust, flue or process gasses. 
  • Chemical data on which we determine the materials and corrosion allowance. 
  • Technical data such as flow, temperature, pressure drop, heat balances. 
  • Emissions height.
For each complicated emission problem we have an answer available, or we design a new solution. If you are interested in how your chimney would look like. The fastest way to start the project is call the number or send an email.
  • You can find all our products in the "Product viewer" (Flash application), in the "Flipbook" (Flash application) and in the "Product Catalogue" (in pdf form).
  • If you have any question about any of our products, or if you want to place an order, please contact us. Email or call (+31(0)166 603 285).
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