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Our specialism is the combination of silencers and stacks for power plants and the connecting ducting.

Within the Axces group we have years of experience in al sorts of silencer / stack combinations, freestanding, within a steel construction or combined exhaust on a central column.

The total costs of a project can be dominated by transport costs, bringing parts all over the world that do not fit containers is expensive. After all chimney parts are hollow pipes so transport wise far from ideal.

We design the system silencer / stack exactly to dimensions so that an optimum is found for:

  • The B.A.T. (best available Technic) for bringing down the sound of the engine to an acceptable level on all frequency’s, while the silencers dimensions can be limited to fit container dimensions.
  • The dimensions are carefully chosen so maximum velocity in the chimney and at outburst are not to exceed the maximum pressure drop.
  • Unlimited material possibility’s carbon steel, stainless steel of combination carbon steel stainless steel.
  • The dynamic behavior of the complete system is calculated and if necessary foreseen with a dynamic shock absorber or combinations of damping systems.
  • The materials can be selected for different temperatures and combined within the design to avoid condensate or corrosion problems.
  • We can find solutions to prevent corrosion or incoming heavy rain, which can lead to serious corrosion problems due to the acidulous gasses.
  • Platforms and ladders are taken into account and can be pre-mounted to ensure the fitting at site is perfect.
  • Easy to handle parts on sliding frames to unload containers with only a forklift and a small crane.
  • Maximum deadweight of the parts can be adapted to the available crane in the project.

An optimum design to fit your containers results in the lowest costs per project. In budget stage of the project we can determine the number of containers to use so you won’t be surprised after order.
  • You can find all our products in the "Product viewer" (Flash application), in the "Flipbook" (Flash application) and in the "Product Catalogue" (in pdf form).
  • If you have any question about any of our products, or if you want to place an order, please contact us. Email or call (+31(0)166 603 285).
:: > Industrial Stacks > Our specialism