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Combining intelligence with clearness

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Fully-Integrated Exhaust Systems

AXCES’ working field is defined within the framework regarding ‘Exhaust Gas Systems of Combustion Engines’. The term “Exhaust Gas System” includes actually everything which is installed after the exhaust outlet of a combustion engine. Delivery of Fully-Integrated Exhaust Systems customized to the individual ship and the ships operation, is our key. 


In an unique way AXCES provides ‘value for customers’ in total exhaust system supply solutions, with Acoustic and Physics as elementary fields. These fundaments, together with an entirety of the coordinated specialties: DesignEngineeringManufacturing & Supply, are sup- ported by using a wide and complete product range.


Clearness in uniting your needs and achieve optimum benefits

Axces advice is based on directives which are established by several institutes, which are the result of scientific research. Regarding the activities of designing, our motto sounds ‘combining intelligence with clearness’.

This basically means that our stage of departure in designing has a scientific ground ,translated in a clear but for our client practical way.

This teamwork in a group of masters of science, is guarantor of this manner of working. Also the production line characterizes it selves in its applied combination of clearness and functionality.

Each product fulfils the needs and motives which users experience on the field of output, efficiency and certainty. Whether you choose complete Fully-Integrated Exhaust Systems or more limited solutions, you will always have the benefit of AXCES competence and knowledge!

AXCES consist of a manufacturing trading and engineering division in different countries specialized in exhaust systems for diesel engines. The core business includes custom built manufacturing of exhaust silencers based on specific noise requirements and special silencer configurations against minimum back pressure results. The capital letters of the company name ‘AXCES’ representing their main topics in which AXCES offers added value for customers, known as:

Acoustical  Xcellence in Compentent  Exhaust Systems

Each topic individually summarizes AXCES’ typical strength on specializations in acoustical noise control and design regarding the exhaust gas system. AXCES is offering a wide range of specializations which are typical related to the acoustical design and manufacturing of exhaust silencers and the complete exhaust gas system for diesel engines, namely:


Acoustical Design of exhaust silencers based on:

  • Tailor made silencer solutions
  • Minimum back pressure situations
  • Reducing dominant ignition frequencies
  • Specific low noise requirements
  • System vibration control
  • Reducing body radiated noise

Xcellence Engineering of the exhaust gas system by:

  • Determine optimum back pressure situations
  • Tracking critical acoustical pipe sections
  • Engineering stiffeners, brackets and supports 
  • Reducing radiated vibrations
  • Work out flexible suspension


Competent Manufacturing of:

  • Standard exhaust silencers
  • Custom-made silencers
  • Stock silencers
  • Separate spark arrestors
  • Exhaust piping
  • Ducts
  • Brackets 


Exhaust System specialist in:

  • Total exhaust system solutions
  • Specific noise requirements
  • Indentify critical noise
  • Analyze acoustical risks by software simulations
  • Soot Filters
  • catalysts
  • SCR systems
  • Reducing NOx and CO2
  • Active burners


System Supply of all accessories:

  • Exhaust compensators
  • Exhaust piping
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Insulation materials
  • Flexible mountings 


AXCES’ typical strengths pays off, because over the last eight years a few thousand exhaust silencers have been installed in more than 1000 inland and sea-going vessels, operating daily all over the world. 


You can find all of our products, in our Webshop, with the 3D Model (Item Finder (Flash)), on the Product Page, and in the PDF files in the download section.

  • If you have any question about any of our products, or if you want to place an order, please contact us. Email or call (+31(0)166 603 285).
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